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Beauty is a skill.

it's a rare gift that's im[possible to 'just' obtain. 

Yet, beauty as a skill is underrated, undervalued and misrepresented in many ways..

Reinventing revolution.

New technologies for an old-fashion(ed) industry.

The industry is dominated by traditional agencies who fare well by keeping status quo. That's why it's not unheard of being charged up to 20-50% to typically  ‘just  connect’ you with clients, without caring much about anything else. This makes this industry a dark reality to be in.

For this reaon we created Egas. World’s first AI driven platform that connects

beauty and brands instantly, for a revolutionary price.

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Everybody gets a Shot.

Nothing but the best.

At Egas we empower you to become masters of your own destiny. That's why we created The Snapshot.  A revolutionary feature that scores your photogenic make-up with with the push of a button. This way we make sure that aiming for the moon, is all about landing amongst the stars. Think the ultimate modelling talent re according to nature & science all in one place.

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The ultimate modelling talent for a revolutionary price.

Step 1 | Take a shot.

First find out how photogenic you are. Because we believe 'beauty' is a skill (and not in the eye of the beholder).

Step 2 | Create your profile.

Once you passed the Snapshot you create your profile, set up your account and upload your portfolio.

Step 3 | Get out there.

Publish your page, sit back and wait for invites to come your way . Or reply to projects briefs that inspire to action.

Step 4 | Start making money.

Get connected, discuss the project, set your terms and do a great job.

The Benefits we offer.

The ultimate modelling solution in your pocket.

Quality assurance

Access only for the ultimate modelling job according to nature & science.

Centralised backoffice

Free admin, business support and direct payments services.

Advanced matchmaking

Best matches made possible by AI driven search engine

Cloud-based solutions

Digital tools that boost performance and enhance careers.

Smart search

Get noticed and stand out with smart tagging.

Revolutionary price

No cure no pay,                            only 10% transaction fee

Join the (up)rise.

We are the international platform that caters to the original capitols of fashion. From Paris, Milan and London to Berlin, Barcelona and beyond. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


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