Beyond Booking.

Match models that matter most.

Instant access to the ultimate professional modelling talent
Search smarter, book better, get more & pay less.
Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Egas. World’s first AI powered platform that match makes beauty and brands based on bio-profiling and advanced search.

Bringing together professional models and clients as never seen before.

Reinventing revolution.

New technologies for an old-fashion(ed) industry.

The industry is dominated by traditional modelling and creative agencies 

who fare well by keeping status quo. It is is not unheard of being charged up to 200% to typically  ‘just  connect’ you with models, without caring much about anything else. A ‘layered cake’ that makes this industry a dark reality to work with.

This is why we created Egas. World’s first AI driven platform that connects

beauty and brands instantly, for a revolutionary price.

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Everybody gets a Shot.

Nothing but the best.

At Egas we empower brands to become masters of their own destiny. This is why we created The Snapshot. The new way of sifting, sorting and selecting professional modelling talent by scoring their photogenic make-up with the press of a button. Our way of ensuring you instant access to pure talent for a revolutionary price (and much more). Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

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The ultimate modelling talent for a revolutionary price.

1 | Pay per use.

Get instant access to highly qualitative professional photo and video models.

Just put in your criteria and let our engine do the rest. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can meet and make speed. Instantly. No cure, no pay.

Only 10% transaction fee

2 | Subscription.

Do you have a structural need for quality content? Are you a heavy talent user? Do you hire talent for more than €30k. a year? Then the corporate subscription might fit you better.

Always access, always in control, never pay more.

Only €500,- per month.

The Benefits we offer.

The ultimate modelling solution in your pocket.

Quality assurance

Instant access to world's most divers and qualitative database of talent according to nature & science.

Centralised backoffice

Production mgt system and business support tools to manage projects, talents and contracts.

Advanced matchmaking

Best matches made possible by AI driven search engine

Cloud-based solutions

Digital services to boost performance, enhance your business and stay in control.

Smart search

Comparative and analytical search to find the ultimate talent that fits your brand.

Revolutionary price

No cure no pay,                            only 10% transaction fee

Join the (up)rise.

We are the international platform that caters to the original capitols of fashion. From Paris, Milan and London to Berlin, Barcelona and beyond.

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


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