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Egas. World’s first AI powered platform that match makes beauty and brands based on bio-profiling and advanced search.

Bringing together professional models and clients as never seen before.

Reinventing revolution.

Nothing but the best.

Reinventing Revolution is not about being the first, but about being the best. 

We believe it is up to the new generation to stand up and provide better quality 

and service for an old-fashioned industry. One that quite too often is unfair, unjust

and unsettling, leading to mismatches, broken budgets and poor payouts for the ones that matter most.

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Everybody gets a Shot.

New technologies for an old-fashion(ed) industry.

At Egas we believe in empowering people in life and business to become master of their own destiny. That’s why we created The Snapshot. A revolutionary new way of recruiting the ultimate modelling talent by analyzing their photogenic make-up with the push of a button. Whether your are a professional model or business brand, we ensure that aiming for the moon means landing amongst the stars.

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We are the international platform that caters to the original capitols of fashion. From Paris, Milan and London to Berlin, Barcelona and beyond.

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


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